Sunday, 5 January 2014

cuxtomized healthy diet fat loss

Fat loss and weight loss are very different things. Weight loss is intended for general damages , including muscle and fat. Specifically targeted cuxtomized fat loss fat , leaving behind a really good looking figure , as opposed to swimming , but not ideal for looking at the figure , such as weight loss. With this in mind , the following tips tried and true best way to achieve fat loss .
  Tip 1.

Eat a lot of protein
Especially breakfast , and eat free range if possible. Protein therm organic and can lead to a higher metabolic rate. It requires 30% more energy than carbohydrates, so that digested. Protein also increases the levels of Goolagong , which is a hormone that fights the effects of insulin , which helps to reduce fat levels in adipose tissue and liver and increases IGF-1 production, which is a hormone that increases muscle growth.

Tip 2.
Nutrition is important, but exercise can speed this process along considerably. Cardiac is not necessary at all, and in fact can be detrimental to fat loss .

Some workout tips:
Short rest periods ( 10-60 seconds) cause the greatest growth hormone response
Makes your body adapt to the different pace of your lifts
Longer time under tension burns more energy , or 4 second down phase, 1 second up phase
Using the protocol type of hypertrophy (8-12 reps, at least 3 sets , 70-85% 1RM) makes you Lean Fast.Click here more information:


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