Monday, 3 February 2014

fat burn program

Diet , which emphasizes changes in high- calorie, unhealthy foods low calorie, nutrient dense vegetables, fruits , lean proteins, nuts and seeds will alter the body's metabolism and cause a slow, steady weight loss. When compared to exercise, most people find it easier to follow the dietary restriction plan , because small changes in food choices lead to faster weight loss.

The importance of both diet and exercise on health can not be minimized , reducing the risk of disease as the clear winner , but the blue ribbon is awarded to a healthy diet and calorie restriction weight loss battle .

Nuts eaten in moderation (about one handful per day ) has been shown to increase metabolism and reduce body fat through the markers . Replacing unhealthy fats and processed nuts, studies show that improved blood lipids and markers of systemic inflammation brought on a heart-healthy check.Click here more information:

Poor food choices is the main reason so many people are overweight and obese .

Making the right food choices and a regular exercise program, many people can achieve permanent weight loss. This requires a strict change in diet and lifestyle.

Eat unlimited amounts of certain fruits and raw vegetables and limit sweets and refined carbohydrates . Incorporate lean protein and crude fat , and nuts to create a balanced and healthy diet that will promote natural and sustainable weight loss for life.


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